AYF/AYC is divided in to 8 regions. These regions are designed to faciliatate communication between local member organizations within the region. Regions also host regional qualifiers, for members who are interested in intermural play and whose organizations that have expressed interest in playing with a view to participating in the American Youth Football & Cheer National Championships as well as the All-Star Game. Listed below are national tournament conferences, which are members who have opted in to intermural competition, whose ambitions include participating in the National Championship tournament.


States: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Contact: Travis Scott


Regional Leadership

Chairman: Travis Scott

Cheer Director: Kelly Frazier

DE State Chair: Shawn Womack

MD State Co-Chairs: Kim Cherry & Brian Hawkins

VA State Co-Chairs: Eric Heitzel & Ralph Moore

NC State Chair: Chair Moe Evans & Rodney Cooper

SC State Chair: TBA

Certification Coordinators

Kim Cherry & Danyel Lewis

Region All-Star Coordinator

Sterling Collins

National Tournament Conferences

Central Virginia AYF Conference
East Coast (NC) AYF Conference
First State (Del) Prep AYF
Greater Charlotte AYF
Hampton Roads AYF
The Metro AYF
No. Virginia AYF
Piedmont Youth Football & Cheer League
Southern MD AYF
Virginia AYF Alliance



Big East

States: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC, Northern Maryland, West Virginia




Regional Leadership

Chairman: Lou Montanaro

Vice Chairman Mike Keys

Regional Cheer Coordinator -Tina Certo

Football Ops. Coordinator - Cartez Hnez

NY State Chair:Bill Soloman

PA State Chair: Tom Gontz

MD State Chair: Curtis Covington

NJ State Chair: Clyde Olson

WV State Chair: TBA

National Tournament Conferences

NJAYF Jersey Shore

Empire State NYC

Taconic Youth Football and Cheer NY

Pennsylvania Elite AYF Philadelphia

Team Maryland AYF

Garden State AYF

Capital Beltway League



Desert Pacific

States: Arizona, Guam, Hawaii, New Mexico, Southern California and Southern Nevada



Regional Leadership

Chairman: James McKinney

Vice Chairman: Steve Marshall

Cheer Dir.: Deb Sprewell

Cheer Asst. Dir.: Pam Cronauer

Southern California State Diplomat: Barbara Obendorfer & Phillip Lomax

Arizona State Diplomats: Steve Marshall

National Tournament Conferences

AYF San Diego Conference

Badlands American Youth Football and Cheer El Paso

Inland Valley Youth Football & Cheer Conference

Pacific Coast Conference

Phoenix AYF (Phoenix Cheer on FB)

Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation


Morenci Valley


Las vegas

Pac West

Kings conference




States: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin

Contact: William W. Tandy


Regional Leadership

Chairman: William W. Tandy

Vice Chairman: Ralph Moore

Cheer and Dance Director: Teresa Pardham

National Tournament Conferences

Columbus AYF

AYF/AYC Michigan Conference

Southeast Michigan Youth Football League

North Coast Youth Football and Cheer

North East Ohio AYF



Mountain Northwest

States: Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Alaska

Contact: Mountain Northwest Region


Regional Leadership

Football Vice Regional Directors:

Mark Tyrrell & Ranon Ross

Cheer and Dance Director: Shannon Candelario

National Tournament Conferences

NorCal Youth Football and Cheer

Nor Cal Federation

Greater Northwest (Columbia)

Auburn River

Thurston County

Greater Seattle





New England

States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut

Contact: Regional Director


Regional Leadership

Football Chairman: Buzz Labbe

Vice Chairman: Tim Whitcomb

Cheer Director: Keesha Dickey


National Tournament Conferences

New Hampshire Youth Football & Spirit Conference (NHYFSC)
Baystate Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference (BSYFCC)

Blackstone Valley Youth Football Conference (BVYFC)
Central Mass Youth Football and Cheer Conference (CMYFCC)
Colonial Youth Football and Cheer Conference (CYFCC)
CT Youth Spirit Conference (CYSC)
CT Allied Youth Football Cheer (CAYFCC)
South Shore Big 6 (SSYFC)
Shoreline Youth Football Conference (SYFC)
Dual County/Tri-Valley Conference (DCTVYFCC)





States: Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi

Contact: Regional Director


Regional Leadership

Chairman: Don Lipari

Vice Chairman: TBA

Cheer: Julie Bolton
Dir of Administration and Communication: Patricia Johnson
Dir of Recruitment & Membership: Don Lapari
Administrative Assistant: Quinedda Floyd
Georgia Delegate: Curtis Smith
Board Members:
Frank Gargett
Charles Brown
Merlin Smith
Deidrea Willis
Julie Bolton

National Tournament Conferences

Central Florida Youth Football League - All of Central Orlando ,Fl

Florida Youth Football Conference- Daytona Beach/East Coast/Ocala, FL

Manatee YMCA Youth Football League- Manatee/ Sarasota, FL

Unity Youth Football Conference - Naples/Tampa,FL

Big Peach Youth Football Conference - Georgia
Gulf Coast Youth Football and Cheer - Ft. Myers/Naples, FL
Jacksonville AYF - Jacksonville Area
South Florida NYFL - South Florida





States: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas.

Regional Leadership

Region Director- L.E. Chamberlain
Executive Director of Administration – Joyce G. Sinnette
Vice Chairman: Earl Lee

Deputy Director of Athletics – Cedric Benoit
Cheer and Dance Director: Stacey Bailiff
Deputy Director of Personnel – Richard Hamilton
Deputy Director of Risk Management – Olivia Dominguez

Mailing address: 6411 Dayridge Ln. Houston, Texas 77048
Phone: 713-598-0203

State Representatives:

Arkansas – Derwin Harris
Louisiana – Byron Porter
Oklahoma – Lynn J. Miller
Texas – Steve Barnett

National Championship Conferences:
Greater Houston AYF
San Antonio AYC
San Antonio AYF
Central Texas AYF
Middle Rio Grande AYF
NTX United AYF
East Texas AYF
New Orleans, La. AYF
Vernon, La. AYF
Shreveport, La. AYF
SEC Houston AYF
NTX Dallas AYF