Qualifying for the Naitonal Championships

Registering for the Nationals

Mandatory Forms for Participants/Parents, Volunteers and Teams/Associations



1) You must be a member of American Youth Football to qualify to participate in the National Championships and your team must compete in an AYF Regional Tournament or sanctioned qualifier.

All Teams and Squads must formally commit attendance (for football teams and for cheer, dance or step squads) to AYF/AYC National Headquarters prior to completing the On-line Registration form or your team/squad will risk eligibility in the tournament.



Access the National Competition On-line Team Entry/Registration Form by December 1st at Midnight EST.

Any entries past the due date are not guaranteed a place in the tournament (and may not be included in event materials, ie. programs, souvenir shirts, signage etc.

1. After signing in MyAYF.com ---> Select the Member Profile tab then select ---> Register for Nationals tab.

3. Read the instructions then click "Register A Team", on the following screen and Select Your Region.

4. Select the Team/Squad from your Profile that has qualified to compete in at the National Championships

5. Ensure that all team details are set and accurate, including: Team Name, Division, Coaches, Team Contact

6. Confirm the Team Roster

7. Upload a team picture (in jpg format, a minimum size of 300 dpi.)

8. Submit payment.

9. Book your travel and hotel accomodation at an AYF approved hotel using your Team Booking code which you will receive as part of your payment confirmaiton/receipt.

10. Arrive at the Host Hotel (the Omni Championsgate in Orlando, FL to check in on the presecirbed checkin date (football & cheer, dance & step check in on different days.) All participants must be in attendance at team check-in. All teams must have completed paperwork/ID's and Team Books and have had them approved and certified by the Regional Representative. Head Coaches must attend the mandatory coaches meeting in their respective sport.

11. Compete in ther tournament.


IMPORTANT: Upon completion, you will receive an "AYF REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION NUMBER and TEAM BOOKING CODE’ which will be needed to book your hotel rooms in an AYF approved hotel, which is required to participate. Any teams that do not book their rooms at an approved hotel using thier booking code will not be eligible to competer.

All teams and squads will need to have ALL FORMS and ID's certified by their local Conference and Regional Representatives.

All requirements must be completed in order to be eligible for play. There will be no exceptions.

Football Teams must arrive at Check-In with an Official MyAYF.com team MPR Form- this can be printed in the roster section of MyAYF.com (find instructions here).



All forms must be fully completed, signed and presented at the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS or a Sanctioned Qualifying event. Once Forms are certified and/or collected at these qualifying events, the AYF/AYC National Certification Committee will ensure accuracy and provide eligibiltiy for participation at National championships pending ID/Roster verification at National Championships Check-in.

Teams' and Athletes' with incomplete forms may face disqualification.