Hall Of Fame

The American Youth Football and Cheer Hall of Fame honors those coaches, administrators, volunteers and stakeholders that have dedicated in excess of 25 years of service to youth in their communities or our world at large, Join us in celebrating the remarkable effect these selfless individuals have had on our youth and our country and world.

Class of 2021

Rodney Cooper

Sandra Greene

Don Lipari

Kisha Thompson

Ronald Valley


Class of 2020

Brian Cobbs

Clyde Olson

John Morgan

Bernice Nunnelly

Pete Sherfield

Bill Soloman


Class of 2019

Clara Chamberlain

Doug DiFusco

Gino Ginisi

Dee Grayer

Julius Holt

Lou Montanaro

John Rudisill


Class of 2018

Dion Golatt

Tim Hall

Craig Karahuta

Tony Ladeluca

Deborah Sprewell

Willis Thomas


Class of 2017

Shannon Shy

Olivia Dominguez

Jay Erhart

Greg Floyd

Mike Keys

Michael Larocque

John Nelson

Class of 2016

Mike Jannuzzi

Kim Scott

Xavier Smith

Leon Mclean

John Stepney

Harold Gilliard

Class of 2015

Duane Tucker
Margie Nelson
Luther Henry
Manual Betancourt
Joe Vecchio
Ranon Ross
Charlie Brown


Class of 2014

Rob Fischer

Walter Law

Joyce Sinnette

Ken Stoltenberg

Brian Deighan

Robert Frazier


Class of 2013

Dottie Sterbenz

Don Caribeiner

Doug Hill

Henry Baker

Andy Vanti

Class of 2012

Comido Smith

Jim Brown

Deb Smith

Orlando Gudes

Freddy Saldana

Pops Vieira

Class of 2011

Pam Cronauer, San Diego, CA

Curtis Givens, Memphis, TN


Alvin Holder, Tampa, FL

Kathy Robinson, Oak Grove, CA


Sam Jackson, Brooklyn, NY


Buzz Labe, Central MA


Deb Hughes, Central MA

Kim Stephens, Sacramento, CA


Dave Summa, Waterbury, CT

Danny Valle, New Jersey

Class of 2010

Lawrence Chamberlain, Houston, TX

Lou Jerman , Chicago, IL

Diedrea Willis, Tampa, FL

Robert Schiavoni, Manchester, NH

Horace West, Haines City, FL

Bill Snyder, Oriole Park, IL


Peter Hemingway, Phoenix, AZ

Class of 2009

Carl Allegretti, Frankfort, Illinois

Father John Frederick, Oahu, Hawaii

Joe Hinch, Los Angeles, California

Mike Piha, Palo Alto, California

Ed Krause, Melrose Park, Illinois


Clearance Maxwell, Tampa, Florida

Willie Reeves, Lexington, Mississippi

Mark Tyrrell, Oak Grove, California

Class of 2008

Al Bates, Kissimmee, Fl

Dennis Beaty, New Britian, CT

Bob Taghon, High Ridge, IL

Billy Christmas, Tampa, Fl

Bill Goodwin, Pawtucket, RI

Jim Hinkle, Virginia Beach, VA

Kipper Bell, San Diego, CA

Diane Cecchetti, New Hampshire

Class of 2007

Julius Collie, Tampa, FL

Pat Dini, Tucson, AZ

Manny Gregorio, Pawtucket, RI

Quenard Hicks, Houston, Tx

Rick Pelletier, Manchester, NH

Dean Pliconas, El Segundo, CA

Kim Wright, San Diego, CA

Lucille Hester, Washington, DC

Class of 2006

Tim Kanavel, Tucson, AZ

Bob Lawrence, Deering, NH

Raymond Aubin, Coventry, RI

Joe Day, Kissimmee, FL

Bernard Cordova, Roy, WA

Class of 2005

Ralph D’Andrea, Jr., MA

Rikki Kinsfather, San Diego, CA

Class of 2004

Tony Cimaglio, Painesville, OH

Steve Berger, Pembroke Pines,FL

Ronald Rabe, Cincinnati, OH

Jerry Dini, Tucson, AZ

Class of 2003

Joseph Tomlin, Philadelphia, PA

Craig Burris, Redondo Beach, CA

Bill Nevits, Cleveland, OH

Jim C. Taft, Charlotte, NC