2021 National Championships

Regional and National tournaments are only open to members of American Youth Football. Visit www.joinayf.com and www.americanyouthfootball.com for information on becoming a member. View the Checklist for participating or requirements for registering to participate in the National Championships.

Hotel Requirement & Travel

Stay at an AYF/AYC Approved Hotel

Scores & Brackets

Scores. Brackets and Performance Orders, are subject to change.

Event & Party Tickets

Universal Studios Party & Attraction tickets; also available onsite. Event tickets sold onsite.

Webcast and Photos

Order photo packages, or videos and sign up for livestream Football, Cheer.

Sponsor Interaction

Connect with our sponsors at Nationals.



The week is full of activities, including football & cheer check-in, the private party at Universal Studios, the invite only Hall of Fame event. Don't miss coaches meetings (Head Coaches Only), routine reviews, football clinics, and of course the main event; all of the cometitive football games and cheer, step & dance routines.

Football Venue
Austin-Tindall Park 4100 Boggy Creek Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34744

Cheer Venue
Osceola Heritage Park Arena, 1875 Silver Spur Lane Kissimmee, FL 34744

Host Hotel
Omni Championsgate
1500 Masters Blvd, Championsgate, FL 33896


Participating in the National Championships

Checklist/Procedure for Teams/Squads that will participate in the AYF/AYC National Championships

1. Complete all mandatory paperwork. Prior to competing in a sanctioned qualifying Regional of Conference Tournament, ensure each player, their respective guardians, all volunteers and all associations have completed all of the items in the mandatory forms packages and have had them certified by their Regional representatives.

2. Qualify. To qualify for the National Championships you must participate in a regional championship or a sanctioned qualifier.

3. Register. Register your team/squad via the National Competition On-line Team Registration form at (MYAYF.com). You must complete the registration form in full and pay the registration fee. Details and due dates are listed below. Upon completion of the on-line registration form, each team will receive a unique Team Booking Code. Registrations from teams that have not been approved by the AYF Football Commissioner/AYC Cheer Commissioner/ or a sanctioned AYF Regional Host are not be eligible for the event.

4. Book in an Approved Hotel. Each team must stay, for the duration of the event at one of the AYF/AYC-approved hotels and provide the Team Booking Code assigned to your team at the end of the registration process (step 3). For a detailed explanation of this process and hotel options see the HOTELS page.

5. Arrive. Arrive in Orlando in time for the allotted Check-in Day. All participants must be in attendance at team check-in. All teams must have completed paperwork/ID's and Team Books and have had them approved and certified by the Regional Representative. Head Coaches must attend the mandatory coaches meeting in their respective sport.

6. Compete. Compete In the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!


Football Teams


Cheer Squads





Tournament Rules

We count on players cheerleaders, coaches and spectators to follow the rules to maximize everyones expereince and enjoyment.

Your behavior effects everyone around you. As a participant and or spectator, we demand that you exhibit sportsmanship and be gracious, win or lose. In addition to playing rules, you are required to be respectful to others. We have adopted a code of conduct for behavior on and off the field, to which you are expected to adhere.

Players should exhibit and display sportsmanship both on and off the field.

Coaches are expected to set an example for their players and parents and respect the decisions of officials and field marshals. It is the coaches responsibility to control his players and parents both on and off the fileds.

We expect parents, guardians family members and all spectators to be respectful of eachother, the facilities, their surroundings and the hotels that are accomodating our event.

AYF has a zero tolerance policy for behavior that does not represent our beliefs and code of conduct. Behavior in contravention to these expectations and beliefs may result in immediate removal from any of our facilities.

AYF and AYC Logo Patch Placement Guideline. Purchase Patches.





NOTE: Any “Sweat Down” or Extreme” weight loss used by a player to make weight will be grounds for immediate suspension for the players own safety.

Any Coach, Administrator or Team Personnel found to have advised, encouraged, or tolerated any “Sweat Down” or “Extreme” weight loss techniques will be grounds for immediate suspension. Suspension will be anywhere from one year to permanent depending on severity. Head Coaches will be held responsible for the actions of all team personnel.

Jersey Requirements: All Teams are required to bring TWO (2) jerseys. One dark jersey for all home teams, and teams designated visitors will wear white jerseys. If a team doesn’t have two (2) jerseys, they must notify AYF headquarters, prior to arriving, so special arrangements can be made.

Wilson AYF Football Usage: The Wilson AYF logo'd football is the Exclusive Football of AYF Tournament and Competitions. All Games will be played with this football, each team will receive a game ball on-site or they can use their own Wilson AYF football.

Find AYF Official Rules in the AYF Rules and Regulations Manual. Rule Books can be downloaded at www.MYAYF.com.

8th Grade All Star Game: The 2021AYF 8th Grade All-Star Game.. Players will be selected from AYF leagues throughout the world. AYF will be actively scouting and selecting players who are participating at Nationals. If you would like to be considered, please contact your AYF Regional Director. For more information.

Cheer, Dance & Step

Competition Format

All cheer teams will compete on Saturday, December 11th, 2021. The top 5 highest scoring teams in each division will advance to compete on “Super Sunday", December 12th, 2021 for the 2021 AYC National Championship. The total combined score for both days will determine the National Champions (and runners-up) which will be announced during the Super Sunday awards ceremony.

Dance & step will compete on one day only, Friday December 10th, 2021. 



Cheer Skill Divisions: White, Red and Blue Skill Division Guidelines are listed in the AYC Rule Book. AYC teams participating in the region and national competitions will need to declare a team’s skill division before the start of the fall competition season.

Find AYC Official Rules in the AYC Rules and Regulations Manual. Rule Books can be downloaded at www.MYAYF.com.


Past Champions

American Youth Football and Cheer is proud to recognize its past champions and congratulates everyone who has advanced to the National Championships. Join the excitement and catch all the action.

2020 National Championship Highlight Show.




Division 1 6U Gainesville Elite Gatos FL
Division 1 7U Miami Gardens Ravens FL
Division 1 8U OG Ducks CA
Division 1 9U Heir Academy WA
Division 1 10U Southside Ducks TX
Division 1 11U Cali Bears CA
Division 1 12U Watkins ClockBoyz DC
Division 1 13U Miami Gardens Ravens FL
Division 1 14U OG Ducks CA
Division 2 8U Secret Society Saints MD
Division 2 9U 703 United VA
Division 2 10U West Texas Tigers TX
Division 2 11U San Diego Bolts CA
Division 2 12U El Paso Broncos TX
Division 2 13U West Texas Tigers TX
Division 2 14U Empire Sun Devils CA


No Cheer Event was held in 2020 due to COVID-19




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Please recognize that during the Naional Tournament, national staf may not be able to return your call in a timely fashion, so it is important to direct your questions/concerns to your regional representatives first and National staff second.

Parents should direct questions to coaches, team managers or their association or conference preseidnets. Associations and conference presidents should direct questions to your regional leadership. Football and Cheer Commissioners are available to answer quesitons. We are not able to accomodate scheduling requests or exmptions from the hotel requiement.